JesusMy mission is to glorify Christ and spread the good news of Jesus to other people through the chiropractic adjustment, to our students through adjusting them and then educating them about the Truth, through a book about the Home and where we begin worship everyday, and finally through us, going out into the world exemplifying a true and excellent soul within healthy, balanced bodies, loving every person we meet every second of the day and greet with a smile, a gentle touch and/or  an “I love you” without words.  Be Christ.

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  1. Valerie Skipper

    Hey Dr. Gray, this is Valerie Skipper. I just wanted to email you about the biology book I am using for class, Biology: Understanding Life by Alters and Alters. Thank you again for all of your help.

    • Hey Valerie! I am still getting used to having my blog and responding so I am sorry I did not see your comment until now! I was there yesterday at 1:30. Did I get the times mixed up? I am soooo sorry if I did. I wish you all the best on your exam Sunday and we’ll try again next week. I hate that you did not get your adjustment, that always helps keep the brain fog away! Come on Monday and we’ll get back on track, OK? I’ll be there adjusting from 4-7. Talk to you soon.

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