Looking for a new school?

In addition to her late afternoon Chiropractic practice, Dr. Gray has a personal ministry to educate children everyday from 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM at her main campus at 11243 Highway 17N (Scott’s Hill) and North Campus, her home. At the Charlotte Mason Christian School (K-12), children are taught all the required educational subjects, in a nurturing, peaceful environment giving individual attention based on his/her individual needs. We use a K-12 challenging curriculum from many sources including Sonlight, The Well Trained Mind, Handwriting without Tears, Saxon Math, Critical Thinking, Spelling Power, Story of The World, Foreign languages,On-line learning and other sources that work best, tailored for your child.

It doesn’t stop there. There is more to learning than reading, writing and math. I see a great divide in our educational system. Basically, it doesn’t work for everyone. We have choices though. If you want the homeschooling experience but just feel that you are not cut out for it, or you don’t have the time, that’s why you call us. Charlotte Mason Christian School not only teaches all the academics to your child and includes all the state testing and requirements, but also teaches about relationships with our Creator, our Lord Jesus Christ, relationships with each other, timeliness, respect for elders and each other, the discipline of working hard and finishing tasks, and how to play and learn at the same time. Our classrooms are quiet, classical music softly playing in the background (there is research proving that this promotes learning), when a question comes up for the student or a difficult concept, we quietly lead the student through it until they “get” it. Many times, because we all learn under connecting rooms, those that are working independently, over-hear others being taught and everyone learns.

Our classrooms are lite by sun-light and our windows can be opened during warm days to get fresh air into the room. Our teenagers learn how to care for the younger group and realize they also have responsibilities of being role models. We teach role modeling. Our lunches and snacks are served at the kitchen table together and after we bless the food. Our students bring their lunches and they must be healthy, nutritional food. We use the kitchen for our lab experiments and also to cook together and serve our own home-made, organic meals. On warm spring days, we read outside or inside followed by nature walks with our nature journals in hand (all ages). Little things matter like taking our shoes off at the door, pushing our chair in when we get up, giving our chair away to an adult so they can sit down, eating when we are hungry, drinking when we are thirsty and praying for each other when we are in need.
These are just a few things you should know about the Charlotte Mason Christian School. Remember, you do have choices in how your child grows up. You have full oversight to their education and you are responsible for them. Your school should be an extension of your philosophy that you already teach at home. Your school should listen to you and respect your wishes. Give us a call at 620-1341. We are small and we are keeping it that way.

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  1. Hey Christina! Arthur is wanting to return soon, if that is OK. Let me know, I guess we need to get together and talk about it. Thanks! Shannon

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