Calling all friends!

To all my blog fans, I am in need of some help and ask you to step up! I know of one family that lives in Hampstead who just lost their home. It is a mom and her daughter and they have very little to no food to eat. Would you drop a bag of food by the office before Christmas? I will make sure it gets to them. For every bag of food I receive for this family, I will give away 44$ of free service for any patients or new patients. Great time to give away Gift Certificates worth 44$, don’t you think? Now is the time! Lets see how many bags of food we can collect. Try to make the food nonperishable also. Merry Christmas!! See you soon at 11243 HWY 17N, Scott’s Hill (by Fred’s Beds).


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4 responses to “Calling all friends!

  1. Tracy Morrison

    Hi Christina! Is this family also in need of clothing? If so, could you provide me with sizes (even shoes) and I’ll see what I can do? Will be dropping some food off, or sending by Brian since I’ve started a new job and working days now.

    Thanks Christina!! {{Hugs}}

    • Thank you so much Tracy! They need food for sure and the girl is in 5th grade and wears a large women’s shirt size and needs shoes size 9 or 9.5. The request is food and clothes. No mention on the mom’s size. I will be in the office from 4-6:30 today (Shorter hours because I will be at Chris’s funeral) and tomorrow from 2-5:30. Thank you! Christina

      • Tracy Morrison

        Thanks Christina. I had to go back to work during the day and won’t be off in time to stop by your office. I’ll see if Brian can come by before he goes in tomorrow, but that may be pushing it for him to as he has to be in at 2:30 (Cape Fear Memorial). Would it be at all possible to bring some things with us to Connect Group/Church on Sunday? Will you be there?


        Yes, Sunday would be fine Tracy! I will be singing praise team all 3 services so why not drop it off in the choir room? See what you think. Christina
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