Black Friday!

The biggest show of the year is coming up. Almost everyone is going, are you? It’s Black Friday! When I go Black Friday shopping (rare), I always notice those uneven “shoppers shoulders” from behind them at the checkout, a persons gait that looks like they are limping in the shoe aisle, a newborns uneven head shape from birth, people in wheel chairs, people that look grumpy and people that look happy. There is so much to notice! I am a people watcher, wouldn’t you say? How about you? Have you looked in the mirror at YOURSELF lately? Which shoulder is higher? Are they level? Which hip is lower? Do you walk with a slight limp? Do your knees hurt? Are your shoes worn evenly on the soles? These are all signs of a misaligned body and nervous system which leads to malfunction and sickness and disease. Oh, and I forgot to ask…are you grumpy? Uh huh, that’s what I thought. More about that on the next blog! Get your body aligned inside with the POWER that made it. Gentle Chiropractic care is the way to restore life for all ages. Stress is bad, I know. I have it too. But stop delaying and get yourself adjusted by your Chiropractor or give me a call. Go to my website at and by the way, watch out for those crazy shoppers! Just sit back and enjoy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends and many blessings too!!


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